Just because you fell in love with the river
doesn’t mean you must feed it your bones.

—Jeanann Verlee, Polyamory, with Knives (via fromthemountains-tothesea)
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DRACO MALFOY APPRECIATION WEEK → day two » favourite relationship

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mythology meme:  [3/5] pairings

↳ tristan & isolde

Beginning as a Celtic romance and ending up a beloved medieval tale, the story of Tristan and Isolde has many different versions. All agree that Tristan was a Cornish knight and Isolde an Irish princess. Although Tristan was supposed to bring her back for King Mark to marry, Isolde and Tristan accidentally ingested a love potion on the way and fell deeply under its spell. Isolde still married the king, but her relationship with Tristan continued. Eventually, King Mark found out about the affair and the lovers ran away. However, they were caught and to escape punishment by death and save the woman he loved, Tristan agreed to leave the country and eventually ended up in Brittany, where he married Isolde of the White Hands.  

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"Do it, Draco. Kill the mudblood."

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there are just people out there that are the embodiment of the sun like the things they say and do light up the world and make you feel warm they are human sunshine

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I know a human like this -
He is trying to understand but she is thunderbolt. Her tongue, a spear.

—Jeanann Verlee (via mymania)
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Though battle keeps us, we die a little
each day. I’ve lost the word for prayer.
My love, take these walls, these wars.
Dull my blades. I am tired of the hunt.
I’ve laid my only words at your feet. Open for me.

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chomp on the words you are too feeble to write.
chew them. bite them. Do what you must.
they’ll bubble up and announce themselves anyway.

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